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Combine deep relaxation and nature to increase well-being, focus and creativity

A workshop that will bring deep relaxation and calmness into your full day


Sometimes life can feel full. Some days may be filled with feelings of stress or anxiety. Your to-do list at home and in the office are long. Your co-workers, boss and family want your attention.

But what if you can just step out of your familiar (work) environment for a moment and give yourself the gift of self-care. Something to use as a counterbalance to everything that feels overwhelming and to the challenges that are there on a daily basis, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Now is the perfect moment to take that time.


Afterwards you will:

+ feel relaxed and rested
+ have more focus, enhanced problem solving and creativity
+ experience an increased sense of well-being


It gives you peace and space in your head and simultaneously activates your creativity. You will feel rested and can continue your day with healthy energy.

This is for …


This workshop is great to use within companies as part of their wellness approach or as a team day. Support your employees with a healthy lifestyle and self-care or use it to strengthen the connection within the team.


EcoNidra can be a nice part of your self-care practice. A moment for yourself, deep relaxation and restoring from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sign up for a class here.


Econidra is also available for a private group. A moment of relaxation with a group of friends or family for example. Possibly combined with a walk through nature or a creative activity.

Some of the benefits of EcoNidra™


  • Reduced stress, lower stress hormone levels
  • Feeling refreshed, having more energy
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Boosted immune system functioning
  • Improved sleep


  • Increased sense of relaxation and well-being
  • Sharper cognition
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Enhanced creativity, focus and memory
  • Less anxiety


  • Enhanced pleasure in life, sense of well-being and feeling more present
  • Having experiences characterized by:
    bliss, wholeness, empowerment, self-acceptance, love, empathy, insight and purpose
  • Inspired to share more kindness.

The workshop


The EcoNidra Session


Imagine yourself laying down on your back and being guided on a series of journeys through your senses, body and nature. The techniques of the practice allow you to relax in such a deep way that you may feel more refreshed than after a couple of hours of sleep.

Accessibility and duration
EcoNidra is just like YogaNidra accessible to everyone. If laying down isn’t possible for you, you will be able to join in a sitting position. During the session you will be guided by my voice and listening to the sounds of nature.

The session will last no longer than an hour. This includes some time before and after the EcoNidra itself which lasts about 45 minutes.

The preparation depends on how and where the session will take place. Details will be sent in advance.



Choose your additional options


  • A short walk in nature
    We can start with a short walk in nature. It helps to make the transition from everyday life easier. And offers an additional way to invite nature into your day. 

  • Integration through writing or art journaling
    Using (journaling) prompts to reflect on your experience with the econidra sessions and to make the benefits part of everyday life. You can write your answers or use any other creative way when words are not a right fit for you. 

  • Guided reflection
    You can use this guided reflection to deepen the connection in your team, to exchange experiences with each other in a group or 1:1 with me. I will facilitate a safe environment where everybody is free to share what feels good. No judgement, no obligations, just sharing and listening.

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Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

– Katie Reed

Corporate or group

Let’s talk about the details or request a custom quote

Fill out the form for further information or a customised quotation obligation-free. Please put in some information about plans and group size.

I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities. After our conversation you will receive a quotation if you are still interested.

Please read the frequently asked questions below for more information


Individual workshops

There are workshops available for individual registrations.
New dates will be available soon.
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Working with Nathalie

Educator and mentor

I am a certified yoga nidra and econidra facilitator. I also have 20+ years of experience in (mental) health care and education as a behavioral scientist, schoolpsychologist and family therapist.

Rest, selfcare, nature and creativity are important components of the work I do. EcoNidra is a unique addition to this. The method provides a beautiful experience to relax deeply, restore and connect with yourself, your needs, desires and intentions. Nothing too spiritual, just very down to earth and practical.

What EcoNidra is based on


Family of Yoga Nidra

Econidra contains techniques from yoganidra. There is a focus on breathing, awareness of your senses and of your body. You slow down and unwind and eventually enter a state of deep relaxation.


EcoNidra adds elements of nature. Nature and its sounds have positive effects on humans. They relax, help unwind and reduce stress.

Thank you for your interest in working with me.

Please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when will the workshop take place?

The business and private group workshops will be either in real person in a venue or online and will be, just like the dates, decided on by mutual agreement.

Individual enrollments can be made through the sign up button of the workshop dates and places available. 

What is the investment?

When you register for an individual workshop you pay the workshop price.

If you want to participate with a larger group / team, you’ll receive a custom quote.

Is there a maximum number of people who can participate?

Yes, there is. It depends on several factors. Please fill out the form to discuss further details

For whom is this not suitable?

The workshop requires an open mind. If you are not open to trying a new way of deep relaxation then the workshop may not be right fit for you at this time.

About Nathalie, the workshop and the guidance in the workshop.

I am a (workshop) facilitator, behavioral scientist and mentor. A certified yoga, yoga nidra and econidra facilitator.

I have a masters degree in Pedagogical Sciences with additional subjects from psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness (and member of the necessary professional association NVO) and am therefore qualified to guide, help and coach children, adolescents and adults.

However, this program is not and cannot replace any form of professional help and therapy. It is here to support you in your (corporate) wellbeing or selfcare practice.

If you’re not sure, just let me know and we’ll discuss together whether this offering fits what you’re looking for

I have another question

Please fill out the form and I will contact you as soon as possible.