Life can sometimes feel overwhelming and exhausting

Rediscover an oasis of calm in your home and yourself with soothing paintings and mindful courses


Paintings and courses infused with elements from nature, mindfulness and the rhythm of life.

Each painting and course is crafted to infuse your life and surroundings with serenity and warmth, tailored to your unique needs.

I know that your world can feel overwhelming and exhausting at times. You have your career, your kids or both. You get caught up in everyday life, because so much is happening, your to-do list keeps growing and the kids, your boss, family and friends are calling on you. So let’s surround yourself with the things you love and prioritize yourself to prefend exhaustion and burn out. Feel rested, energized and calm.

Let’s give yourself permission to take up space in your home and your life.


Surround yourself with serene paintings or immerse yourself in self-care and mindful courses, offering you the attention and tranquility you deserve

What do you desire most right now?


Original art

Dive into my collections of mindful, original paintings that invite you to create a personal sanctuary where you can unwind, reflect, and engage in activities you love—whether it’s journaling, art-making, meditation, or simply losing yourself in a good book.

Invite in calm with my original paintings or choose from other creative products that are inspired by nature and the flow of life. That feels like a soft breeze coming into your house bringing beauty, color, light and joy. Let’s choose the one that makes your heart blossom.


Courses, workshops & 1:1 guidance

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with gentle yet transformative steps which are tailored to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, fostering long-term self-care habits that nourish your soul and ignite your creativity.

Long-term self-care is more than just a day out or that one holiday in the year. Develop a consistent habit and create a well-balanced life using a course, workshop or dive deep with 1:1 guidance.

Looking for options for your team, a (private) group or school? Please go here.

relax calm flow

Picture your headaches fading, your muscles relaxing, and a contented smile gracing your face as you unwind in your favorite spot.

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Start today and try one of the 5 easy, time-friendly ways to rest and restore with creativity and nature from the free welcome booklet. Take your favorite drink and take some time for yourself.

Ways to rest and restore with creativity and nature 4 nathaliebonte N Bonte Studio.pdf

Dancing like a flower in the wind and like brushes moving across the canvas to the music of your heart.

Some of the lovely inspirational products in the giftshop

What do you want to give yourself or a loved one to create a wonderful place to relax and be yourself?


Small art reproduction

Start your art collection with a small giclee. Or use it as a (post)card with a message for a loved one.


Selfcare sets

Giftsets where art products, creativity and rest come together to help you unwind and restore. A package to treat yourself or someone else.

Art reproductions

Nature has its ways of making people enjoy the moment. Bring it into your home with these high quality art reproductions (giclee).

What customers say

What a beautiful product I received! Taken care of in detail. Very satisfied.


A beautiful card to send, just like that or for someone’s birthday. The card also lends itself well to framing and hanging in your home. Fast delivery. Super.


“I am happy with the choice I made. Beautiful color combinations, and a nice artful look of nature. This will get a nice spot in my home” 


The three pillars of creativity and self-care from the heart

creative expression

Pillar 1:

Creative expression

You don’t need to identify as an artist to start a creative practice. Your creative spirit is here for you. Whatever pulls at your heart – painting, drawing, writing, cooking or dancing or bring paintings, music or books into your home. Whatever feels good!

Because by picking up the brush or turning on the music you create a moment where you don’t have to think for a while. Express your emotions. Just be in the moment. Let creativity help you find calm, clarity and express yourself from the heart.

mindful living

Pillar 2:

Mindful living

Let’s develop a range of selfcare practices designed to help you sloooowww down, fill up your cup, be in this moment of your life. You’ll learn to be fully present and aware.

Use breathing, meditation and other techniques to rest deeply. So that you can live life again with more healthy energy and resilience.
You feel that you can handle everything better and with more joy and ease.

reconnecting to nature

Pillar 3:

Reconnecting to nature

Taking a moment to go into nature to enjoy the natural colors, sounds, smell and the wind or sun on your face. Whether it is a walk in a forest, at the coast or in your city park, nature has the power to get us back to the present moment.

It gives energy for the day. It grounds us. It nourishes us. It helps us relax. It is a source of (creative) inspiration, gives us perspective and reminds us that we are all connected. It will awaken your life.

Are you ready to be your unique self and bring more self-care into your life?

Which one sounds most like you?


I’m looking for inspiring creative products

“I’m tired of looking at blank walls and want to feel like my home is my sanctuary where I can relax and feel at home.”

Explore my paintings and other creative products, like prints, cards and self-care boxes, to create a personal sanctuary, where you  relax and make time for what you desire in that moment. Give it yourself or a loved one as encouragement or loving support.


I want to explore ways to prioritize self-care

“I know I always put myself last and never give myself the rest and joyful moments I truly desire.”

This is the time to explore and discover what your wishes and needs are from the comfort of your home. Explore courses which invite in rest, creativity, activate your senses and allow you to be more in the here and now.

creativity nature and mindful living as selfcare rest wellbeing nathalie bonte nbontestudio

I want guidance to navigate life’s challenges

“I don’t really know what my desires are anymore and I feel overwhelmed about doing this work on my own.”

1:1 coaching is perfect for you if you want to go DEEP and get the support you secretly crave. The kind that you give to your kids, your partner, your family, but never yourself. Are you ready for a 2 month “journey to clarity”?


I am glad I let Nathalie guide me, so that I could explore and experience what makes me happy and find some calmness again.”

Renate, mother of two


Meet Nathalie

Artist, (creative) educator and mother of two teenagers, based in the Netherlands. 

I decided ten years ago to take a path to find more ease, calm and rest. After working for over 20 years in mental health care and education, I started to walk in nature more often, embraced my creativity and started painting and drawing again. My favorite moments are when I can let my brush move to the sounds and rhythm of the music, which is always on in the background, while intuitively creating with paint. Inspired by nature and the flow of life.

Creativity, mindful living and nature have since become the foundation of my business in which I use my art and (creative) courses to increase self-care and well-being. I want to reach as many people as possible with my paintings, illustrations and courses so that they experience more calm and energy and have a smile on their face more often.

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