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Frequently Asked Questions



When you buy a product, it means that you buy an item to use and do not buy the user rights. The (original) paintings, designs, illustrations, drawings and other products, which are offered in the webshop (and/or on the website) may not be reprinted, copied or used for commercial purposes (such as logo, flyer, website, resale, incorporation into own designs, etc.).

The user rights remain at all times with N Bonte Studio. In case of fraud or plagiarism action will be taken.

For use for commercial purposes, please contact N Bonte Studio.

Privacy and cookies

Please go to the bottom of the website to read the privacy and cookie policy


You can contact us with your questions via the contact form under the heading “contact”.

If you have questions about your order, please contact us via contact@nbontestudio.nl with your order number and full name.

Online store, products and services


N Bonte Studio is a small-scale boutique studio and online store. This means that we work with less people than in large companies. Therefore, we cannot, for example, deliver 24 hours a day, but you will get a top quality product, service and support. Quality is a number one priority!

Production and quality of products

All designs in the online store are designed and handmade by Nathalie Bonte [N Bonte Studio]

Please be aware that the final product may look slightly different. This is because each computer screen has different settings and therefore displays a different image.

What is an art print?

An art prints is a high quality reproduction of a painting or illustration printed on premium paper with high quality ink.

What is a giclée?

The giclée art prints are true-to-detail high quality reproductions of art, that meet the requirements of museums and galleries (ISO 9706) for highest age resistance. They areprinted on professional high quality archival,acid free fine art paper on a giclée printer. Giclée printers use a higher quality of fade-resistant, archival, pigment-based inks. The combination of the high quality archival paper and ink gives the fine art print a long lifespan with maintaining color.
The professional giclée printer company we use is a 100% carbon neutral company.

The prints and cards are printed on sustainable and / or recycled materials. We use bamboo paper, recycled paper and / or paper with a FSC certificate. In the product description will be mentioned which paper is used for your product.

Please be aware that the final product may look slightly different. This is because each computer screen has different settings and therefore displays a different image.

Optimal circumstances fine art prints

Even though the best ink and paper is used, make sure you create  the best circumstances, so you can enjoy your print for years. this means no direct sunlight, extreme high temperatures or high humidity. In normal room temperature and daylight, your print will be fine. Putting it in a frame can help prevent minor damages to the print.

Packaging materials/envelopes with respect for the environment

For shipping materials, we use sustainable and/or recycled items where possible. These include, for example, recyclable cardboard and materials with FSC certification. In some cases there will be a plastic sleeve to protect your precious print or card from waterdamage (rain etc.). They are made of recyclable plastic. The logo stickers are made from agricultural waste with compostable glue.

Orders in the online store

How can you place an order?

  1. You place your order by clicking on ‘Add to cart’. You can find your order in the shopping cart icon.
  2. In the cart you will see the items you want to buy and their prices. Here you can still adjust the number of items.
  3. You click on “pay ” (Dutch: betalen)
    By making an order, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the general terms and conditions.
  4. Then choose a payment method and fill in your details.

Contact information: your email address for your invoice and other contact regarding your purchase.
Check the box if you want to receive inspiration and news from the studio

Delivery address: This is where your order will be sent to

Please note that you have to fill in the discount code during the ordering process. This can’t be done retroactively, after the order is completed.

  1. You go to the selected payment system. Make your payment here.
  2. After payment you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you filled in at contact information.
  3. When your product is shipped you will receive a message. This will include the invoice of your purchase and payment.

If you need an invoice for your company, make sure your business address is entered and add your company name in the checkout process.

I can't find the shopping cart

The shopping cart will appear when you click the buy button of an product or course. It will appear on the right side of your screen. 

I did not receive a confirmation email

If you do not see the email immediately, please wait and check the spam folder in your inbox. If you still don’t receive the confirmation email, please contact us at contact@nbontestudio.nl

Shipping, tax / customs and additional costs


When the price of a product includes a tax rate, it will be indicated on the payment overview.

Shipping costs

During the order process you will see an overview of all the costs, including shipping costs. The costs depend on what you buy (weight, dimensions, etc.).
Packages for original paintings in particular may be larger and/or weigh more.

In general the costs will be around:

In the Netherlands
mailbox post € 4,50
Parcel € 7,50

In Europe
mailbox post € 5 to € 7,50
parcel € 9,95

The rest of the world
mailbox post € 11,-
parcel € 15,95

Additional taxes, Customs fees and import costs

Additional taxes and costs for your package to enter your country are at your own expense.

Collecting a product

It is not possible to collect the products at the studio.

Please make sure that the correct delivery address is listed

Double check your address details before pressing the send button. If there is a mistake, please send a message to contact@nbontestudio.nl as soon as possible and we will fix it.

If you have entered a wrong or incomplete address, it is possible that your order will not arrive. We are not responsible for this, so please double check!

Delivery time

The delivery time depends on where you live.

Orders are shipped twice a week. If the product you have ordered is in stock, the order will be shipped immediately on one of these two days. The delivery time may be longer if the product is not in stock or for art / glicée prints ordered by us “on demand” (to keep the quality high). In this case the delivery time can be a bit longer (3-8 working days in NL).

Delivery outside of the Netherlands can be a lot longer depending on where you live. Before you order, check whether mail from the Netherlands can be received at this time.

Track and trace

Shipment in the Netherlands is where possible provided with a track and trace code to guarantee delivery. You can follow your order via the PostNL app or website with a track and trace code.

Received the wrong product?

If you have received the wrong product, please send a message immediately via contact @ nbontestudio.nl. Send a picture of the wrong product and your order number. We will solve it as soon as possible.

Received a damaged product?

Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for the way PostNL (or other services) handles the parcel. We always pack the orders in tubes or sturdy envelopes with extra protection. If it is damaged anyway, please contact PostNL immediately. Also feel free to send us a message by e-mail and we will see what we can do to make the order right.
Check the terms and conditions for the full policy.

Missing product

When a product goes missing (sent insured with track and trace via PostNL), PostNL can give a refund to the studio for the costs. Please note that their terms and conditions state that they may take up to a year to do so. Send us a message if this applies and we will look for a solution.

Unfortunately we cannot give refunds for other shipping methods. We will always try to find a good solution.

Can I return my product?

We hope you are very happy with what you receive. If you are not, please contact us directly. Items can only be returned if purchased through this website (within 14 days of purchase). Please note that shipping costs are non-refundable and returns are at your own expense.
There are exceptions, so be sure to check the terms and conditions for the full policy.

Commissioned works, services and original paintings

Commissioned works and services

For commissions and services that do not go through the webshop, there will be contact by phone or email. Additional and/or different conditions will be discussed and offered in writing at the time of offering or earlier if desired.



By placing an order, you indicate that you have read and agree to all our terms and conditions. 

You can find both the general terms and conditions and our privacy policy at the bottom of the website.


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