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Feel welcome to have a look at the most recent paintings and illustrations of Nathalie Bonte (N Bonte Studio)

The flow of life collection, solo exhibition 2024

In a life where so much has to be done, at least that is how it feels at times, it is nice to realize that there are always ups and downs. Actually just like in nature. Where there is also a cycle of rest, growth and flowering, letting go and coming to rest again. Where sun and rain, wind and calm alternate. You can see this so well in the sky by the clouds and colors. In the movement of the fields and the waves of the sea. This has inspired me to make this collection. 


Essence Collection

All paintings are made with acrylic on watercolour paper and mounted on 20cm round canvas

Everything has a path. During every season of life, just like in nature, there is a flow. It goes its own way and arrives somewhere. There are quiet and restless moments. Some feel sparkling and sometimes there is less brightness. Sometimes beauty is within reach, and other times you feel yourself searching.

Like nature and the waves of the sea, it can feel calm or restless. The strong wind through the fields or a peaceful silence. The beauty and calmness of the sea, which can also be wild and challenging. Everything that life is too. But as wild and unpredictable as nature is, there is also a precious light. The flow and seasons change, but the heart, your unique self, the (golden) essence is always there.


The Dream Flow collection

All paintings are painted with acrylic paint on wooden panels or canvas

The dream flow collection is about dreaming what life is and what it can become. Taking a breath, going with the flow or appreciating the moment. The inspiration comes from the sea, clouds, softness and beauty. 

flow-of-the-sea-painting-giclee-nbontestudio (2)

The Nature collection

All paintings are painted with acrylic paint/ acrylagouache on watercolour or acrylic paper

Nature is a place to be calm, relax and restore. The colors and the scents of nature help you to find peace of mind and calm your senses. At the same time, it shows us that everything continues to evolve and grow, just as we are.


Beauty in the silence collection

All paintings are painted with acrylic paint on wooden panels or canvas

In silence, much can be said without words. You can sense so much. You feel the breeze on your skin, the smell of nature in your nose, light and color fall into your eyes. And you might feel something about it. You enjoy it, calm down or memories come to mind.

Standing together side by side in a meadow with flowers, enjoying each other’s presence and nature without words.
A hand in your hand or on your shoulder. Feeling support and connection. Or a moment by yourself in which the memories float by like a gentle breeze.

The collection is based on this. Flowers in serenity and beauty. Floating in a breeze, going with the wind.


Mixed media Collection

All paintings are painted with acrylic paint and ink on wooden panels or canvas

Based on new beginnings. In both human and natural life, there are phases that bring new beginnings where change and growth come through.


Nature illustrations

Nature is a place to unwind, relax and recover. The colours and scents of nature help you to calm down and soothe your senses. At the same time, nature shows us that everything keeps evolving and growing, just like us.


About Nathalie

Dancing like a flower in the wind and like brushes moving across the canvas to the music of your heart.

Nathalie Bonte decided ten years ago to take a path to find more ease, calm and rest. She started to walk in nature more often, embraced her creativity and started painting and drawing again. Her favorite moments are when she can let her brush move to the sounds and rhythm of the music, which is always on in the background, while intuitively creating with paint. Inspired by nature and the flow of life.

Creativity, mindful living and nature have since become the foundation of her business in which she uses her art, (creative) courses and 1:1 guidance to increase self-care and well-being. Her goal is to reach as many people as possible with her paintings, illustrations and courses so that they experience more calm and energy and have a smile on their face more often. Read more about Nathalie here.

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