A journey in a work of art

Unwind and get inspired

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Look at an art work and walk through a museum in a different way


Sometimes you just want some time to yourself.

You know you actually need a moment to yourself. Alone or with a friend. You notice the thoughts keep going through your head. You get stuck in that new creative project. Or that one (work) question keeps nagging at you.

Now is the perfect moment to take that time.

Imagine you are walking around a museum. Alone or with a friend. Looking for a work of art that catches your attention. All the time to take a good look at it in peace. Not to learn about art, but to look at it with fresh eyes and energy. And be there for yourself.

With the result that you:
+ have new ideas for that creative project
+ a new angle on the problem at work
+ gained new insights around the issue that kept you busy.

Wonderful, right!

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It gives you peace and space in your head and simultaneously activates your creativity. Who knows with what plan, idea or insight you will walk out again.

This is for …

You alone or with a friend

The workshop is very suitable to do by yourself or with friends or family. A nice outing, different way of looking at art and gives nice solutions, ideas or insights. Great to exchange experiences over a cup of tea afterwards.

Creatives and teachers

Even if you are already working a lot on this subject yourself, this workshop can add something extra. It is a way to look at art differently and will give you inspiration for your work or your next creative project. Or it can help you further on a personal level.


The workshop is very suitable for teams. Steps 2 and 3 are carried out individually. At the end the insights, ideas and experiences can be shared quite well. Consider think tanks, working on solutions together or just as a team outing. A nice experience outside the work environment and without work pressure.


The workshop is suitable from about 10 years. So for the last groups of elementary school, high school or higher education. For example, it can be part of the creative arts lessons.

Depending on the age of the student, we will adapt the program in length or composition.
It can be a great introduction to a creative class or new lesson period.

“Really a fun and interesting workshop. I have been to many museums, but never before have I looked at art like this.

In the colors and textures you explore your own creativity and you unexpectedly discover answers to your question.

That one painting in the Lakenhal museum has now become a little bit of me.”

– workshop participant


The workshop

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Let’s meet

We meet at the agreed location.
This can be a museum, sculpture garden, or other place with art.

The workshop takes about 2,5 to 3 hours in which I guide you in 4 stages. You don’t have to bring anything, except a phone or camera.

First we focus. You determine a question (which you don’t have to share) that you will use during the workshop.
A creative, personal or work-related question. Whatever is most appropriate at that moment.

Then you get to work in the museum.

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You choose a work of art in one of the museum rooms. You look at this work of art (painting, sculpture, etc.) in two different ways. This is an individual moment. In between, we come together to share experiences.

First look at the work of art up close. Really look!
Then it is time for creative thinking. Let your imagination run wild. I will explain how.

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Completing the workshop

After the two rounds at the artwork, there will be time to share your experiences.
After this unique experience, you will be able to build on your insights and have a new way of working together, thinking creatively and stimulating problem-solving skills.

Are you with your team? Then this is the time to discuss the new insights and ideas and brainstorm further.

For schools, this can be a fun introduction to a creative lesson or new teaching period.


Working with Nathalie

An artist, guide and educator

I am a certified art-based learning facilitator (Artez). Not only have I been working as a visual artist for many years, but I also have 20+ years of experience in (mental) health/health care and education as a behavioral scientist.

Rest, energy and creativity are important components of the work I do. Art based learning is a unique addition to this. The method provides a beautiful experience, full of creative thinking and art. It is inspiring and a nice way to spend some time in a completely different way with art, with your questions and it stimulates creative thinking.

You can find out more about me here.

At the end of the workshop


You have gained insights

That which was bothering you personally has become a little clearer. You may not be there yet, but you feel some clarity.


You feel calm and energetic

You feel that the headache is gone, you take another deep breath and you have a smile on your face.


You have new creative ideas

You see possibilities for that (creative) project, maybe you have a new starting point or a brand new idea.


A new perspective

You’ve figured out that you could best approach that problem (at work) differently. Or maybe new possibilities have come to mind.



You have found a whole new way of looking at art and walking through a museum. A unique way for creative and solution-oriented thinking.



Step out of your daily life for a moment so you can give your full attention to yourself, friends, family or your team.

Join the workshop



Available workshops

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For groups and companies, you can request a quote by filling out the form.

*Museum ticket not included
Because many people nowadays have a discount card or code that they want to use, it has turned out that it is more convenient, that you as a participant buy the museum ticket yourself.

Read the faq below for more information

For groups and companies

Let’s talk about the details or request a custom quote

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Please read the frequently asked questions below for more information
For individual registrations you can check the available workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when will the workshop take place?

For (private) groups or teams, this will be decided by mutual agreement.

Individual enrollments can be made through the sign up button of the workshop dates available above. This will also indicate where the workshop will take place.

What is the investment?

When you register for the workshop you pay the workshop price.

If you want to do the workshop alone or with 2-5 people, you can send an email to contact @ nbontestudio.nl. 

If you want to participate with a larger group / team, please contact us via contact @ nbontestudio.nl for a custom quote.

Is there a maximum number of people who can participate?

If you register for a workshop here on the website, the group will be between 4 and 8 people.

For (business) groups there will be contact about what the possibilities are.

Is this workshop also for children or adolescents?

The workshop is suitable for children from about 10 years old. It can therefore be used well in (elementary/middle/higher) schools.

Nevertheless, the program may be adapted in length or content. Think for example of shorter moments looking at a work of art or ending with a creative moment in the classroom.

If a museum visit is not possible, we can look at other possibilities.

Can I cancel?

Individually registered for a workshop on the website:

You will not get a refund, but in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can move your workshop “ticket” to another date or use it for another workshop. Please contact me ahead of time so I can let you know if your situation qualifies.

*Registered via a custom price quote:
The terms and conditions attached to the quote apply here.

What do you mean by come up with a (personal) question?

This could be anything. Something you are running into or want answers to on a personal level. Maybe you are breaking your head about something or you are struggling with something. It can also be work related. A new project, a problem you and your think tank are figuring out solutions to, or a creative blockage.

I am not creative is that a problem?
For whom is this not suitable?

The workshop requires an open attitude. If you are not open to trying a new way of looking at art then the workshop may not be right for you at this time.

I don't like certain types of art (abstract, modern, photography, sculpture, etc).

That’s not a problem. You don’t have to like the artwork in order to participate in the workshop.

Is this looking at art or coaching?

I am not going to teach you about art, art movements, art history, etc., nor do I give guided tours in this workshop.

You can think of it as a coaching technique, if you use a very personal question, for example. However, it does not have to be this. It can also simply be a way to expand creative thinking or look at a work of art in a different way, while you have some time to yourself, alone or with friends or colleagues

About Nathalie, the workshop / art based learning method and the guidance in the workshop.

I am a creative maker, (workshop) facilitator and behavioral scientist. A certified art-based learning facilitator.

I graduated in Pedagogical Sciences with additional subjects from psychology (and member of the necessary professional association NVO) and am therefore qualified to guide, help and coach children, adolescents and adults.

However, this program is not and cannot replace therapy.

The workshop is based on the method Art based learning of J. Lutters (ArtEZ University of the Arts). A method for looking at art that increases creative thinking. It is based on forming stories, observation, imagination and focusing in the moment. This creates peace and relaxation, creativity and insight. So widely applicable for leisure and mindful relaxation or within business and education.