The journey to clarity Program

Are you ready to discover what really gives you peace and brings you joy?

Individual guidance where we’ll delve deep into the heart of what truly matters to you and pave the way for a life of authenticity, rest and fulfillment.

Are you wondering why you feel like you are the only one who is so tired, doesn’t seem to get to do what you love, smile less and despite helping others don’t finish the day feeling satisfied?

You have heard of self-care, but are not sure how to start and where to find the time. You feel guilty when you want to go for a walk in the woods, dance, paint or exercise because there is still so much on your to-do list.

When in fact, deep down you know what you want.

+ You would like to wake up feeling rested.
+ Have more energy during the day and smile more often.
+ End the day with less worries, overtiredness and more satisfaction.

I know juggling responsibilities and obligations can leave you feeling drained and disconnected from yourself. But there’s another way

rest restore creativity (2)

You are worth taking care of yourself and going on this new path

The Journey to clarity

You already have everything inside you, your strengths and desires lie within you.

1:1 coaching is perfect for you if you want to go DEEP and get the support you secretly crave. The kind that you give to your kids, your partner, your family, but never yourself. That’s why we now will focus on YOU.

We will follow your path.

We will look for ways that work for you, appeal to you and bring you joy. I will stand next to you, take you through all the possibilities, so you can taste and try. After all, you are the expert of your life. You feel best what suits you, what makes you happy and what gives you energy.

What to expect from the program

 We can work together on exploring, discovering and trying out ways that work for you to

rest and restore

Rest and restore

We’ll explore ways to settle down and really feel rested. Discover how to clear your head and stop worrying for a while. From mindful breathing exercises to immersive nature walks, you’ll discover how to replenish your energy reserves and end each day feeling truly rejuvenated.

be creative


What does creativity mean to you? How does it feel to be creative from the heart? Let’s explore if you like to draw, write, bake, dance or something completely different. What comes easily to you and puts you in a flow?
And once you’ve discovered your favorite creative expression, we’ll explore how this can help you live a more joyful and calm life.

be mindful

Live mindfully

Learn to embrace the present moment with open arms and cultivate a sense of inner peace and clarity. Through mindfulness practices and self-reflection, you’ll gain invaluable insights into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, empowering you to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

working with nathalie counseling coaching one to one guidance

Calm and space

“It is so calming when you sit at the table with Nathalie. I get calm when I come in and feel safe to tell my story. Together we looked at what was needed. Very pleasant how much space she gave me to be who I am. I’m so happy that I got more clarity about what I can do to experience more ease.”

– Maria, schoolteacher –

Explore the elements of the process

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Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

  • Learn mindfulness practices to increase self-awareness.
  • Explore meditation and body scan techniques.
  • Identify triggers and patterns in your thoughts and emotions
time in nature

Nature as a Source of Calm

  • Discover the healing power of nature.
  • Connect with the natural world through guided meditation and nature walks.
  • Reflect on the impact of nature on your well-being.
creative exercises nbontestudio

Creative Self-Expression

  • Explore creative outlets such as writing, drawing, or crafting.
  • Use creative expression as a tool for self-reflection and stress relief.
  • The role of creativity in enhancing overall well-being.
nathalie bonte nbontestudio creativity selfcare art mindful nature course mentor artist

Hi, I’m Nathalie

Let’s put you in your power. After all, you are the expert on your life. You feel best what fits you, what makes you happy and what gives you energy.

The advantage of working together 1 to 1 is that we can tune in on your questions and situation.

Because of that, there are a variety of possibilities. In line with what you want and discover during the path you are going to walk.

When you work with me you get:


Holistic and professional support

We are not just a body, head or heart. We are a whole of it all. By combining mindful living, creativity & art and going into nature, we enable ourselves to discover ways to take care of our whole being.

I am a visual artist, certified yoga (nidra) teacher and a Masters trained (family) therapist, behavioral scientist and schoolpsychologist who has helped countless of clients explore their creativity & essence and helping them rediscovering their strengths.


Respect and safety

I will support you in a gentle, friendly and accepting way. I know that it is important to feel safe enough to tell your story, feel free to express yourself and listen to yourself. This will help you to explore, discover and grow.

You’ll receive

respect kindness trust nbontestudio

Exploratory talk

A 15 min. complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and determine if the program is the right fit for you.

mindful selfcare nbontestudio

1 to 1 sessions

Personalized live sessions tailored to your needs, either online or in person (in the Netherlands).

flow and intuition n bonte studio

Between the sessions

In the periods between the sessions you will work with the exercises and what we have talked about. In some programs there will be a check-in via email between two sessions.

Clarity n bonte studio

End of the program

At the end of the program, you’ll emerge with a deeper understanding of yourself, newfound clarity, and practical tools to thrive in all areas of your life.

I am glad I let Nathalie guide me, so that I could explore and experience what makes me happy and find some calmness again.”

Renate, mother of two

Getting Started is Easy

Step 1: Plan in a talk

In a free exploratory (online) conversation of 15 min., we will check together whether I am the right person to help you with the questions or goals you have.

Step 2: Sign up

If we are both sure this is a good fit for you, you are welcome to sign up for the 1 to 1 guidance.

Step 3: Let's start!

After I receive your payment, we can begin! Together we will then schedule the calls for the program.

Please read the FAQ for further information


Choose the option that fits best

Single session

Online or in person

Feeling unsure if coaching is right for you? Dip your toes in with our single session option. Perfect for those seeking immediate clarity or a taste of what “The Journey to Clarity” entails.

In just one session of one hour, you’ll gain valuable insights and actionable steps to jumpstart your path to more selfcare, rest insights.  Ideal for busy individuals looking for a quick boost or specific guidance on pressing issues.

€ 99 excl. vat

2 or 3 month program

Online or in person

Ready to dive deeper and commit to your personal growth journey? This program offers a more comprehensive approach, allowing you to explore multiple facets of mindfulness, self-care, and creative expression.

Tailored to address your specific needs and challenges, these sessions provide the space and support for meaningful progress. Perfect for those seeking a structured yet flexible program to cultivate lasting change and resilience.


2 month program includes

  • 4 one hour sessions on location or online (1 per 2 weeks)
  • Email support between the live sessions (once per week)
  • A workbook with exercises and information about the topics
  • Audios with meditations and/or breathing exercises

€ 470 excl. vat 


3 month program, includes:

  • 8 one hour sessions
  • Email support in the week without a live session (once per week)
  • A workbook with exercises and information about the topics
  • Audios with meditations and/or breathing exercises

€ 757 excl. vat

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be in English or Dutch (Nederlands)?

This program is available for both Dutch and English speaking persons. 

What can I expect in a session?

In the sessions we will work together to discover what you need right now and what is an effective way to do and get it. We can also use creative, mindfulness or breathing exercises, but you will do those mainly at home or in nature.

We tune in to your needs. So please express what you prefer. If something does not work, we try it in a different way. Trying and testing is definitely part of it. Together we also figure out how you can practice this in the weeks between sessions.

I’m so busy I don’t know I have time or headspace, how much time will I need for this?

Practically speaking, it is necessary to set the times of the sessions in your calendar. We do this together at the start of the program. Per session we can plan together the moments to practice in the weeks between sessions. You can alternate small, short moments (of a few minutes per day) with longer moments per week (for example fifteen minutes, half an hour or an hour).

Although it will take some getting used to, you will notice that the time you spend on this will bring benefits at other times in life. For example, you will be more rested, have more energy or have more fun. This has a positive impact on everything else you have to do.
Just as you would like to take good care of others, you deserve this for yourself. The advantage is that it is 1-to-1 guidance. We can therefore tailor to your personal situation.

The methods used, my expertise and what it is not.

I graduated from Leiden University in Pedagogical Sciences with additional courses in psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy (and am a member of the necessary professional association NVO) and I am therefore qualified to guide, help and coach children, adolescents and adults.

However, this program is not therapy and can also not replace it. At this moment I do not give any treatment or therapy. For this I would like to refer you to my colleagues who do still offer this or your general practitioner.

The program uses elements from mindfulness, but it is not a full 8 week mindfulness program.

The yoga / eco nidras are created by myself. I am an officially certified yoga nidra facilitator (Yoga Alliance) and certified EcoNidra facilitator.

The creative exercises are designed to let you be creative. To find what suits you and what makes you happy. To explore how you can find rest and joy in creativity. It is not a technical drawing/painting/…etc course.

How soon can we get started?

This depends on availability at the time you sign up for the free exploratory meeting. If there is no availability, you will see a button to register for the waiting list.

I’m feeling nervous about the process, is that normal?

We use the orientation meeting, among other things, to see if the program fits. If you still have doubts whether you want this, it sometimes helps to write down what you are uncertain about and where that might come from.

Healthy tension is actually quite normal. Sometimes, however, it is not (yet) the moment to start the process. We can always talk about this during our exploratory talk.

How do you accept payment and is there a payment plan?

After we decide that you can start the program, I will make sure you get all you need. For the payments you can use a creditcard, Paypal or if in the Netherlands there is the possibility to pay by using IDEAL.

If paying in full is a problem. You have the option to pay in two installments. The second installment must be paid halfway through the program.

We will not start the program until the (first) payment has been made. In case of a payment in two parts, the second part will only start after the second payment.

A single session can only be paid in full.

What is your cancellation policy on the program or a session if something comes up?

You buy the full program of 2 months.

We use the orientation meeting, among other things, to see if the program fits. If you still have doubts whether you want this, it sometimes helps to write down what you are uncertain about and where that might come from. Healthy tension is actually quite normal. Sometimes, however, it is not (yet) the moment to start the process.

If there are exceptional circumstances (such as serious illness, family circumstances, etc), then we will discuss the best solution together.

For the sessions itself:
For good continuity I advise you to come to the appointments, this is a nice way to practice self-care.
Please make sure you have the live sessions locked in your calender. We plan them at the start of the program together.
In case of  illness. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance you will unfortunately not get a refund / cannot reschedule the session.
When there is an emergency I decide on a case by case basis depending on what it is exactly.

What if I am not satified?

In the guidance I tune in to what you think you need and what will suit you. We always evaluate in the next session what worked and what didn’t work. If, despite this, you start to feel dissatisfied, please discuss this with me immediately, so we can make adjustments where necessary. Together we will surely find a solution.

Is the program also for children or adolescents

At this moment I only work with women of 18 years and older in my 1 on 1 programs.

Can I do the program with multiple people or as a workshop for my company?

Have a look at the all the offerings that are available for businesses and groups / teams here.