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Let’s explore ways to be creative, rest and find joy

Explore ways to unwind and restore. To create from your heart and intuition. Reconnect with yourself, your creativity and nature.

Give yourself some well-deserved attention and bring some self-care, nature and calm into your life.

What is the best fit right now?

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Online course

Let it Sparkle

Small manageable mini course to help you unwind, rest and restore. It is also a place to rediscover your needs, desires and dreams.

Filled with ways to use creativity, nature and mindful living to relax and recharge.

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1:1 support

The journey to clarity

A deep dive to rest, restore and reclaim your own strengths and desires.

1-on-1 sessions and weekly email check-ins. Filled with nature, creative exercises and other additions such as writing, conscious living, breathing and yoga nidra. All tailored to you.



The journey in a work of art

Experience a unique way of looking at art. Enhance creative thinking and get inspired.

While at the same time you have a lovely day out, a moment to yourself or with a friend and find calm and unwind.

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What customers say

“I am glad I let Nathalie guide me, so that I could explore and experience what makes me happy and find some calmness again.”


mom of two

“It’s so calming when sitting at the table with Nathalie. I get relaxed when I come in and feel safe to tell my story. Together we looked at what was needed. Very nice how much space she gave me to be who I am.”


schoolteacher and manager

Three pillars of self-care and well-being 


Pillar 1:

Mindful living

Let’s develop a range of selfcare practices designed to help you sloooowww down, fill up your cup, be in this moment of your life. Be fully present and aware and rest deeply. So that you can live life again with more healthy energy, resilience and with more joy and ease.


Pillar 2:

Reconnecting to nature

Taking a moment to go into nature to enjoy the natural colors, sounds, smell and the wind or sun on your face. Whether it is a walk in a forest, at the coast or in your city park, nature has the power to get us back to the present moment.


Pillar 3:

Creative expression

You don’t need to identify as an artist to start a creative practice. Your creative spirit is here for you. Whatever pulls at your heart – painting, writing, cooking, problem solving or dancing. Or bring paintings, music or books into your home. Whatever feels good! Let creativity help you find calm, clarity and express your unique self.

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Hi, I’m Nathalie.

When you work with me you get:


Professional support and guidance

I am an visual artist, certified yoga (nidra) teacher and a Masters trained (family) therapist, behavioral scientist and schoolpsychologist who has helped countless of clients explore their creativity & essence and helping them rediscovering their strengths.


Respect and safety

I will support you in a gentle, friendly and accepting way. I know that it is important to feel safe enough to tell your story, feel free to express yourself and listen to yourself. This will help you to explore, discover and grow.


A holistic approach

We are not just a body, head and heart. We are a whole of it all. By combining mindful living, creativity and art and going into nature, we enable ourselves to discover ways to take care of our whole being.

Looking for paintings or the gift shop?

In the store you can find creative products to support your self-care journey.


Original paintings

Bring paintings into your home to create your personal oasis where you can restore, relax and be completely yourself.


Art reproduction (giclee)

Let’s bring some nature into your home. Flowers can be soft or beautifully strong. Choose the fine art print that makes your heart sing.


Explore the gift shop

Cards, small prints, self-care sets and more designed to help you relax and create a sanctuary in your home. Or gift it to a loved one.