Workshops and 1:1 support

to give yourself or your team the best care and enhance well-being


Give yourself some well-deserved attention and bring some self-care, nature and calm into your life.

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The journey in a work of art
A workshop to enhance creative thinking in a unique way. For teams, schools and individuals

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1:1 support

The journey to clarity
A deep dive to rest, restore and reclaim your own strengths and desires.



Experience deep relaxation and connect with yourself, where yoganidra and nature meet

What customers say

“I am glad I let Nathalie guide me, so that I could explore and experience what makes me happy and find some calmness again.”


mom of two

“It’s so calming when sitting at the table with Nathalie. I get relaxed when I come in and feel safe to tell my story. Together we looked at what was needed. Very nice how much space she gave me to be who I am.”


schoolteacher and manager

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