Art and the Creative process: An Enchanting Path to Your Unique Self

How wonderful, beautiful and magical that in the process of creative making and in the moments of looking at something made (by yourself or another) you get to know your unique essence, your core and gold better.

Art and the Creative process: An Enchanting Path to Your Unique Self

I draw a lot of inspiration from nature both in my life and in my paintings and illustrations. Being in nature brings a sense of calm and helps me to be in the moment, out of my head for a while.  Then the best ideas come naturally.

Sometimes I get inspiration from what I see there for the next collection of paintings. It might be the colours, like the beautiful calming green of the grass and leaves or a cheerful bright pink of flowers mixed with white. A shape or texture that will later find a place in one of my works. But it can also be a feeling. The softness of spring leaves, petals still just budding or the smell of freshly cut grass. I then try to incorporate that softness into a painting.

For me, the beauty of art and the creative process is that I am inspired to make something after that spring walk in the woods, for example. And that I hope it also brings the viewer peace, warmth or joy. But that I never know how it will come across to the other person.

Art and creativity are subjective and personal.

When you see or make something, there is a piece of yourself involved. It will always be unique. So I never really know in advance which painting people will like. And when I start talking about a painting, sometimes they see and feel completely different things. And that is exactly how I think it should be. In this way, we find in art and the creative process exactly what we ourselves need at that moment. What we were looking for (consciously and unconsciously).

It is therefore free of judgement. Open and accessible to everyone.

It may be your taste, you may like something or not, and that’s ok. It brings you closer to yourself.  Just like how you gather inspiration, what catches your eye and attracts you. And how and what you create. It helps you learn more about yourself.

How wonderful, beautiful and magical that in that process of making and in the moments of looking at something made (by yourself or another) you get to know your unique essence, your core and gold better.








Hi, I’m Nathalie Bonte

I am a mentor and give courses and workshops, where I bring mindful living, nature and creativity together to help you increase your well-being. I am based in the Netherlands.

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Hi, I’m Nathalie Bonte

In my mid 30s I decided to take a path to find more ease, calm and rest. I started to walk in nature more often, embraced my creativity and started painting and drawing again. My favorite moments are when I can let my brush move to the sounds and rhythm of the music, which is always on in the background, while intuitively creating with paint.

Mindful living, nature and creativity have since become the foundation of my business in which I use my courses, workshops and 1:1 guidance to increase self-care and well-being. Having worked as a family therapist, behavioral scientist and school psychologist for more than 20 years, I know how difficult and important it can be not only to help others, but also to take good care of yourself and follow your own desires.

As a guide, educator and visual artist I am here to help you increase your  well-being and self-care.

Get inspired to rest, create and be yourself. You’re worth it!



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