Flow of nature

An original painting

Everything has a path. During each season of existence, just like in nature, there is a flow. It goes its own way and arrives somewhere. There are quiet and restless moments. Some feel sparkling and sometimes there is less brightness. The flow and seasons change, but the heart, your unique self, the (golden) essence is always there.

This original painting is made with acrylic on high quality watercolor paper mounted on a round canvas (20 cm) and comes wired on the back ready to hang on your wall.

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€ 149,- incl. VAT

Packaging, delivery times, extra costs 

Processing time can take up to a week. We want to handle the process with a lot of care and attention.
Delivery time depends on where you live.

Shipping cost depends on place of delivery. Shipping costs are added at checkout.
Extra costs, like customs, are paid by the customer.

The original painting is sent where possible in recyclable and environmentally conscious packaging. We sometimes use a plastic sleeve to protect your precious painting from waterdamage (rain etc.). These are made from recyclable plastic. Please read the faq for more information about packaging.

The painting, watermark, color and copyright

The logo watermark that you see on each photograph is for web purposes only and will not be on the original painting you receive. The painting will be signed.

The painting can look a bit different than the picture, because the color you see depends on your screen settings.
In a photograph, a painting may appear larger. To know how big the painting is in your home, you can hang or put up a sheet of paper of the same size.

All rights reserved.
All rights stay with Nathalie Bonte [N Bonte Studio], even after purchase of the original painting. Usage, reproduction, or altering of artwork is not permitted without permission. Each piece of artwork is an intellectual property and is protected by copyright law.

Keep reading in the FAQ (incl. shipping information) and Terms and conditions.

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