Are you ready to invite in more mindful & slow living, self-care, nature and creativity?

So you can recover from over-giving, exhaustion and overwhelm and finally embrace more light and laughter in your life. 

Give yourself or your team the best care with workshops and 1:1 support

Because I know you feel deep down that there has to be more to life.

More than waking up each day living for others, while forgetting who you really are in the process. Not feeling tired, disconnected and overwhelmed all the time. And just be your unique self.

But it can feel scary to change your life, right!

You might be wondering if you are worth it. You find yourself struggling to make it happen. Having doubts whether you have the time and energy to figure out what you want to do differently. 

You get caught up in everyday life, so much is happening, your to-do list keeps growing and the kids, your boss, family and friends are calling on you.

You are not alone. Before starting my business, I worked for over 20 years as a family therapist, school psychologist and behavioural scientist and I saw so many hard-working, caring professionals, caregivers and parents, just like you, lose themselves.

But wouldn’t it be worth it. To find yourself looking around with a smile on your face more often, feeling truly rested when you wake up and feeling energized when you’re busy solving problems, creating new work or taking care of others.


Give yourself some well-deserved attention and bring some self-care, nature and calm into your life.

What is the best fit right now?



The journey in a work of art
A workshop to enhance creative thinking in a unique way. For teams, schools and individuals

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1:1 support

The journey to clarity
A deep dive to rest, restore and reclaim your own strengths



Experience deep relaxation and connect with yourself, where yoganidra and nature meet

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Hi, I’m Nathalie Bonte

I will guide you in discovering who you really are and finding rest and connection. I will also discuss the importance of prioritizing yourself and avoiding burnout. Combining proven methods with creativity, nature and listening to your heart.

Join me on this journey to explore self-care, creativity, and feeling calm and rested. 

Feel the FREEDOM to live the life you want. Because you deserve it!

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I will help you

Explore a series of small steps and practices that are right for you and you can regularly fit into your busy schedule. I guide you in my workshops and 1:1 guidance to develop a consistent habit of prioritising yourself.  Which will bring you joy and (creative) energy.

You can either work with me individually or (in-company) with your team.

What customers say

“I am glad I let Nathalie guide me, so that I could explore and experience what makes me happy and find some calmness again.”


mom of two

“It’s so calming when sitting at the table with Nathalie. I get relaxed when I come in and feel safe to tell my story. Together we looked at what was needed. Very nice how much space she gave me to be who I am.”


schoolteacher and manager

Three pillars of self-care and well-being 


Pillar 1:

Mindful living

Let’s develop a range of selfcare practices designed to help you sloooowww down, fill up your cup, be in this moment of your life. Be fully present and aware and rest deeply. So that you can live life again with more healthy energy, resilience and with more joy and ease.


Pillar 2:

Reconnecting to nature

Taking a moment to go into nature to enjoy the natural colors, sounds, smell and the wind or sun on your face. Whether it is a walk in a forest, at the coast or in your city park, nature has the power to get us back to the present moment.


Pillar 3:

Creative expression

You don’t need to identify as an artist to start a creative practice. Your creative spirit is here for you. Whatever pulls at your heart – painting, writing, cooking, problem solving or dancing. Or bring paintings, music or books into your home. Whatever feels good! Let creativity help you find calm, clarity and express your unique self.

How can I support you?


I want personal guidance

“I don’t really know what my desires are anymore and I feel overwhelmed about doing this work on my own.”

You know you always put yourself last and never give yourself the rest and joyful moments you truly desire.

1:1 coaching is perfect for you if you want to go DEEP and get the support you secretly crave. The kind that you give to your kids, your partner, your family and collegues but never yourself. Are you ready for a 2 month “journey to clarity?”


I am looking for an activity for my team or company

“I am looking for a way to get a fresh perspective and step out of the familiar (work) environment for a moment.”

You want to give attention to the connection in the team. Or you have a problem you just can’t think of an answer to. You are trying to start up a new creative project, are thinking of a solution within your company with other experts or perhaps it is something that concerns you personally. It would then be nice to be able to look at this question in a different way for a while. Now is the perfect moment to take that time.


Meet Nathalie

I am a mentor and educator, a visual artist and a mother of two teenagers, based in the Netherlands.

I worked for over 20 years as a family therapist, behavioural scientist and school psychologist. While I’ve always loved helping people, I noticed, despite my knowledge about mental health, how difficult it can be to cope with the high-pressure work environment while trying to be a “good” mother, sister, daughter and friend.

I yearned for more. To rediscover my life purpose and listen to my heart desires for the new season of my life I was entering. Listening to what was calling for attention. The calm, restful and positive light side of life. It felt like quite a step to go down a new path. I understand how challenging it feels. If there is anything I’ve learned after helping a lot of people rediscovering their strength, essence, gold, needs and desires, it’s that you are not alone.

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Get inspired to rest, restore and be yourself


Looking for my paintings, selfcare giftsets and creative courses? Go to the art website here.

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Hi, I’m Nathalie

I’m mentor, educator and artist who by exploring mindful living, nature and creativity, helps to bring more calm, light, energy and joy into your life. Through workshops, courses and 1:1 guidance you can invite more rest, self-care and well-being into your life.


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