Invite in more magic, wonder and sacredness as you unfold into who you truly are.

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Would you like to remember who you really are?

Your joyful, vibrant, magical self.

The person who exists outside of living each day for others. Disconnected. Overwhelmed and Exhausted. Alive, but not really living.

After spending a decade as a therapist, coach and mother, I’ve seen how easy it is for women to lose themselves to the relentless demands of life.

Imagine if your life could feel deeper, juicer and unapologetically yours.

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Hi, I’m Kate McKenzie

I help women like you who have forgotten what your sacred, soulful self even feels like anymore because you’ve been so busy trying to be perfect. As hard as you try, you never quite measure up and it leaves you in a constant state of anxiety and worry.

The truth is:

unless you make time for your magnificent, creative, intuitive spirit, she’s going to lie dormant for the rest of your life. You need to choose yourself.

Because you deserve to reconnect with your sacred wisdom.

The three pillars of sacred & soulful living

Pillar 1:


You have a creative fire inside of you waiting to be reignited. Whether that’s through art, cooking, dancing, music, decorating your home — whatever allows you to get in the flow and express yourself belongs to you.

Pillar 2:


You have an inner wisdom inside you which literally on-tap. If you’re struggling to make decisions right now, your intuition is here to support you. Even if you’re feeling closed off to it right now, you can reconnect.

Pillar 3:


Connection is an inside job. It all starts with you. Imagine dramatically changing the way you talked to yourself, so you approached life with self-compassion. Once you can give that to yourself, you can extend it to others too.

Meet Kate

I’m a coach, spiritual guide, artist and educator, based in the Portland, Oregon.

I worked for over a decade as a social worker, where I loved helping people, but I was burned out by the heaviness of needing to hold space for others in the most difficult of environments.

When I had my first child, I struggled with the idea of returning to the workforce. I’d also lost pieces of myself in the process. Who was I now that I had become a mother and lost my identity as a social worker? This is where my journey began to learn the principles I support clients within Sacred & Souful.

After helping hundreds of clients rediscover what is sacred and soulful to them I know one thing for certain.

you are not alone.

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“I feel at ease and safe to share my true self with Kate. She gave me the space I needed to step more fully into a life I love.”

Jane, School Teacher

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